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Tips for Maximising Space in a Rental Skip Bin

Some projects generate more waste than you initially anticipated. It makes garbage collection a nightmare, especially if you do not have the proper waste disposal equipment. Luckily, some service providers rent out skip bins for various projects. However, renting skip bins costs money; therefore, you must utilise the space effectively to get value for money. If you don't, your skip bin will fill fast and cost you more in rental fees. This article highlights tips for maximising space in a rental skip bin.

Use a Bin's Length

If you are working on a landscaping or renovation project, one of the best ways to maximise the space in a skip bin is to use its length. It is mainly the case if you hire an average-sized skip bin. Notably, the length is the longest side of a skip bin; therefore, you should take advantage and use every cubic metre of space available. For example, you can trim waste wood from a renovation project into longer pieces so that they can fit correctly along the length of a bin. It ensures that different kinds of waste wood occupy every inch along a container's length, reducing the filling rate.

Sectionalise a Skip Bin

Skip bin hire companies have rules and regulations regarding what clients can put in their containers. In most cases, hazardous and flammable waste should not be disposed of in skip bins. Different types of trash can be disposed of in skip bins, but you must sectionalise the space inside to maximise usage. Sectionalising rental skip bins mean grouping the same type of waste in one part of the containers. For instance, if you are disposing of wood, concrete blocks, broken tiles, and metal piping from a renovation project, allocate each type of waste a different part inside a skip bin. Most importantly, it encourages careful waste disposal and improves space utilisation.

Store Heavy Waste First

Different wastes from a project have varying weights and sizes. It is advisable to place the heaviest and largest trash at the bottom of a bin then follow with smaller, lighter items. The arrangement allows you to find spaces between the larger items and squeeze smaller waste. Additionally, placing heavy waste first makes it easy to press the lighter and smaller waste into a skip bin, creating more disposal space. If you do it the other way around, you will struggle to press or push heavy waste to make room for other oversized items. 

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