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4 Reasons to Go One Size Bigger Than You Need With Skip Bin Hire

When you hire a skip bin, it's important that you get the size right. Hire a skip bin that is too small, and you'll end up with too much rubbish and not enough bin. A wise thing to do when you aren't sure about your rubbish disposal needs is to go one size bigger than you think you might need.

Hiring a bin that is at least one size bigger than you might require can help you to achieve several useful outcomes.

1. Safety

Loading a skip bin can be a dangerous exercise at times. As you pile your rubbish into the skip bin, sharp ends can protrude and large objects can stick out at awkward angles. This is especially true if your skip bin is on the small side. You could injure yourself if as you load the bin if you catch your arm on one of those protruding objects.

And, safety is also important when it's time for your skip bin providers to remove the bin. If your rubbish is close to the brim of the skip bin and is loose, it could fall out as your skip bin provider transports it. A larger size would protect you and your skip bin provider.

2. Convenience

Yes, it is quite possible to load your skip bin in such a way that you use every inch of space possible. But you can't always break items down, especially older, large pieces of furniture. Hiring a larger skip bin than you might need will give you more space to conveniently store unwieldy pieces of rubbish.

3. Savings

If you hire a skip bin that is too small for your rubbish disposal needs, you'll end up paying more in one way or another than you intended to. You'll either have to transport the excess rubbish or hire an additional bin.

4. Excess

Sometimes, during rubbish disposal, you realize that you have some other rubbish that you also need to throw away. If your skip bin is exactly the size you need, that rubbish is going nowhere. And what if your neighbour decides that they would like to throw one or two items into your skip bin too? A larger skip bin than you require means that you can dispose of any last-minute surprise packages.

Are you about to hire a skip bin? Then it might be a good idea to go one size bigger than you think you need.

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