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What Are the Different Types of Skip Bins?

If you are looking for a way to dispose of waste from your home, skip bins are the ideal option to consider. However, skip bins are available in various types. There's usually no multipurpose skip bin because of the strict waste disposal laws and regulations that skip bin companies have to comply with. Therefore, you have to pay careful attention to the type of skip bin you hire for rubbish removals. Having the wrong skip bin can result in fines, delays, and extra costs of disposing of your waste. One thing that will guide you toward the right skip bin is knowing the kind of options you have. Here is a brief overview of some of the major types of skip bins.

Marrel Skip Bins

Marrel skip bins are perhaps the most common types of skip bins you will come across. These bins have chains, which are often attached to a hydraulic arm of the transporting them. They are usually smaller in size compared to other types of skip bins, which means you can have them placed in your driveway. Also, for ease of access, they often come on smaller-sized trucks. Marrel skip bins are ideal for the average household waste, which is why they tend to be the most widely used.

Mobile Skip Bins

As the name implies, these skip bins have the added advantage of mobility. Mobile skip bins are sometimes referred to as mini skip bins and are often hooked on small trailers. The mobility of these skip bins makes them the perfect solution for the hard-to-reach places such as inside your garage. When it comes to skip bins, you will always have to acquire a council permit if you intend to keep the bin on council property i.e. on the street instead of your home. For mobile skip bins, however, permits are usually not needed because the skips are registered as road trailers.

Hook Skip Bins

Hook or hook lift skip bins are a larger alternative to the marrel types. They are longer than marrel skip bins but with lower sides. Perhaps their most distinctive feature is the ability to swing open the rear door, which is why these skips are also known as walk-in skip bins. Opening the rear door provides walk-in access into the bin, which makes the process of loading waste much easier. If you have quite a large amount of rubbish to dispose of, hook lift skip bins are your ideal option.

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