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Get the most out of your skip bin hire

Knowing the right way to load a skip bin will not only allow you to fit more rubbish in there, but you will also be cushioning yourself from fines on top of the skip bin rental. It is not rocket science. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your skip bin hire.

Not past the rim

Skip bins are generally hired by volume, and although you may consider overfilling them, it's not advisable to fill them past the rim because of safety regulation and occupational health. The law forbids the transportation of a skip bin that's filled past the brim, and no skip hire company would be willing to risk incurring hefty fines for such offences.

Overfilling your skip bin is akin to a looming disaster, not only for you but also motorists on the roads. Consider for a minute: Imagine driving behind a garbage truck transporting bins bursting at the seams. Would you feel safe or worry that a ton of rubbish might fly out and hit your windshield? Well, the latter is more likely to happen. In that case, you know the right thing to do. Simply hire another bin once you've filled the first one to the rim. Don't endanger the lives of other people.

Maximise the loading space

Because overfilling will lead to added charges and fines or the skip bin hire company refusing to pick the overloaded bin, how do you maximise the available space inside the skip bin so that you load as much rubbish as possible without going past the rim? Here are a few tips to help you.

Larger items should be disassembled into smaller pieces. Heavier wastes must be placed at the bottom of the bin with lighter pieces on the top. The skip should be packed as tightly as possible in order to make use of any available space. No gaping holes should be seen. Flat items like old tables should be laid down first and then heavier items loaded on top.

You need to know which items can be recycled and which ones cannot. All recyclables should not end up in the skip bin. Things like plastic, cardboard, paper, and glass can instead be packed in recycle bins. Don't hire a skip bin to put recyclables inside.

Last but not least, don't leave your skip bin by the roadside. Some people are ill-mannered and might load their rubbish into your skip. Consider keeping your bin in your yard to avoid the likelihood of neighbours using it to pack their rubbish.

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