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Important Questions to Ask Potential Excavating Contractors

You have just bought a new house, but the front yard and backyard need some work. A lot goes into having a beautiful garden, and it all begins with proper preparation. If you were planning to do a complete overhaul of the yards, you would need of an excavating contractor. Consequently, since a lot of rubble would be involved, you would also require engaging bin hire service providers. However, you need to be very careful when choosing an excavation contractor for the simple fact that there are many to choose.  Choosing an excavation contractor strategically would help you to get value for money for services hired. Most importantly, you need to ask a potential excavation contractor a few questions before any engagement.

Do they Offer Garbage Bins Services? -- An excavation exercise involves a significant amount of debris, boulders, and dirt. What this means is that the contractor you have engaged out to bring along garbage bins to manage the disposal of waste material. The fact that you are paying for excavation services does not mean that the excavator should expect you to hire garbage bins. It is not guaranteed that every excavating contractor out there will include trash bins as part of its services. Therefore, do not sit back and reach into your wallet with the intention of engaging another service provider. Ask the potential contractor whether garbage bin services are part of the package. If they answer in the affirmative, they are the right choice; if not, keep looking. 

Do they Perform Proper Disposal? -- Excavating unearths all manners of rubble. Therefore, it is important to ascertain the disposal methods used by prospective service providers. Notably, local councils have laws that govern how different materials should be disposed. For instance, if there is a shed in the backyard that has an asbestos ceiling and you want it removed, the contractor cannot just dump the asbestos in the general garbage bin. The same goes for other hazardous material. The potential excavating contractor's answer to this question might be the difference between breaking local waste disposal laws and abiding by those regulations.

Do they have Different Types of Bins? -- You want to make sure that the potential contractor has various kinds of garbage bins where they will dispose the various types of waste excavated. You can establish this by visiting the prospective contractor while working on a site. Doing so would give you an idea of what types of bins to expect for different kinds of waste.

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